"Earth is a dead star undergoing a rebirth, and her consort is the star we know as the Sun. This imbalance of her being dead and the Sun still burning brightly is humanity’s imbalance of masculine power, the patriarchy. Earth rules the collective unconscious, and the Sun rules the collective consciousness. In tarot, they make up the couple of The Empress and The Emperor. The feminine quality of yin is dark, wet, earth. Masculine yang is light, dry, sky. Our soul is feminine, our spirit masculine. When we are born, our soul descends into our Earth Star chakra, becoming part of the World Soul. Earth is a womb. We are made of stardust, and planted in Earth as starseeds. When our soul ascends, we unblock this chakra. We go from being part of the collective unconscious to obtaining enlightenment, and many of us are now causing a shift in the collective consciousness. The spiritual rebirth of us is the rebirth of Earth herself, the rise of our souls the rise of the Divine Feminine." -- Section 2, Intuitive Astrology

Part I is an ad free audio on my YouTube:

Intuitive Astrology + My Personal Journey of Divine Femininity

Part II are PDF files covering:

  • The archetypes of the chakras, planets, and sephirot of the Kabbalah Tree of Life--and their symbolism in tarot, and how they were portrayed in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology, as well as in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Jewish mysticism and Gnosticism
  • The invaluable lessons each of the 12 zodiac signs are teaching us, and the polarities, qualities, and elements they fall under
  • The 12 houses of the ascension wheel, the esoteric meanings never discussed by modern astrologers, and the 12 universal laws corresponding with them
  • The link between Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and astrology archetypes; the superego, ego, and id as chakras; shadow work, the shadow self, and the golden shadow in the natal chart
  • Which zodiac signs and houses the 10 chakras rule, and how they're influenced by the 10 planets
  • The meaning of Part of Fortune, Chiron, Vesta, Juno, Black Moon Lilith, and the Lunar Nodes in your chart
  • Ancient Chaldean numerology, which works with astrology, and your Life Path number

You will need to know your birth date, time, and location to take this course, and you will need to create your own natal chart with a free online service. I recommend Astro.com, which allows you to do an extended chart including asteroids.

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